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Casting for Business Success - Building your Dream Team

Casting for Business Success - Building your Dream Team

If you have qualified job candidates with equal experience who interviewed well, how do you know who to choose? Which candidate will be the best fit? Which candidates will most likely enhance, empower or could disrupt your current team?

The culture is critical anytime there is a personnel change, whether hiring, promoting or planning for succession.

Many business leaders are turning to PDP Personality Styles surveys to understand how people naturally perform and to make sure there is a good fit with their existing team. The ProScan surveys measure self perception, so it should be just one of the tools in your vetting process.

However, they help create a baseline for understanding who we are naturally, and what we are currently going through. For example, in a demanding sales environment, you can increase success by looking for high communicators who are energized by personal interaction and are highly adaptable. But if you put a more reserved communicator who is motivated by getting things done and checking tasks off the list, the constant interaction with customers and the sales team may tend to feel like interruptions, and create anxiety.

How do you know if you have made a casting mistake?

If you hire a control oriented, reserved communicator manager to lead a collaborative team accustomed to brainstorming, the indirect teller communication style of the new manager will be perceived as unfriendly and bossy. Team members may feel less valued and become frustrated, which can lead to increased tension, absences or resignations.

Consider the desired behavioral attributes each position requires for optimum results, such as outgoing, creative problem solvers in people oriented positions, and detailed, process oriented caretakers in more analytical roles.

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