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Getting into the Family Business, Part 1

Getting into the Family Business, Part 1

The Importance of Education

From the moment I learned what college was at 4 years old, I knew I wanted to go and learn how I can help others. My propensity towards higher learning and a desire to be a part of something bigger gave me an unshakable set of goals. Knowing a mandatory pre-requisite for working with mom was obtaining a college degree, I structured my learning to be relevant to the business and the role I would eventually play within it. It also gave me purpose, as I was finally old enough to follow my dreams. 

The college experience is about more than just getting good grades. College is a hub of life lessons that your tuition doesn’t cover:  the formation of work ethic, development of organizational skills, learning how to cope with stress, working with difficult people, doing things you don’t like to do (but you know need to get done, like that pesky term paper), and adjusting to new environments. You are taught how to accept assignments, do thorough research, organize the information, and present and defend the information effectively and accurately.

Who knew some of the assignments we received would ever be relevant to real life? When in my professional career would I ever have to research the effect of global warming on a small tribe in Africa, organize the information, and present it to the class…in French? I probably will never have to do that again, but the experience taught me a few things: first, my project partner (who was French Canadian and spoke French beautifully) was lazy and did not want to do the work. Second, some topics should not be presented in a foreign language. Third, presentation is everything; no matter how nervous you are, if your presentation is well thought out and put together, you can rely on that as an outline when you’re speaking. Lastly, the level of organization and research I was forced to put into the project offered me tools for my career toolbox for later use.

Successful business owners (like your parents or grandparents) know that education is the foundation for a lifetime of success. Higher learning does not stop after earning your bachelor’s, that’s just the beginning! Throughout the development of your role within the company there should be expectations for you to continue to educate yourself and get the necessary certifications to reach your personal and professional goals.