RelevantEQ Improv Workshops

RelevantEQ Applied Improvisation Workshops

Enhancing team creativity, intuition and connection.

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
The ability to accurately perceive and understand others’ emotions; to understand the signals that emotions send about relationships; and to effectively manage your own emotions.
Self-Awareness is the first step in effective communication, enhanced emotional intelligence and cohesive teamwork. Understanding your own work & leadership styles provides for a better personal and organizational experience.
Teamwork can carry an organization through economic hardships, leadership transitions, and rapid change. Each member brings a unique set of skills, competencies and experiences that can add value, increase engagement through strong relationships, positively impact commitment and productivity.
Every personality has it’s own unique language. Foundational to successful teams is effective communication, where people are able to express themselves and be understood, feel safe to speak plainly and feel heard.
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I learned there are deeper and more effective ways to listen.
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This is a half or full day workshop to experience how applied improvisational techniques can enhance your creativity, intuition and connection with others.

Are you willing to:
  • Be playful?
  • Trust your intuition?
  • Move past where you get stuck and stay in the game?
  • Experience what Creative Flow actively feels like?
  • The 5 golden rules of improvisation and how they will free your creative process and interactions with others.
  • How these few simps techniques can increase your creativity, flexibility and intuition.
  • How to include and build upon each other’s ideas, without negative doubts stifling your creative process.
  • Devise positive ways to engage with others, even when facing complicated situations.
Your Take Aways:
  • Practice Creative Agility improvisation techniques that can easily be applied within your personal life and professional activities.
  • Experience practical techniques to help you get out of your head and into your creativity in an instant.
  • Learn story-building techniques that will help your creative process flow, on your own or when working with others.
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Step into your Intuition.

Evolution is a two day, 16-hour Applied Improvisation techniques workshop. It is designed for coaches, leaders, creatives and advisors who want to stretch their boundaries of creativity, intuition and connection. Where do you stop in being present? When do emotions get the best of you? Do they link you back to your own experiences? We coach you to be flexible and relaxed, even during unexpected or awkward situations.

Through advanced improvisational breakthrough exercises, you will have the opportunity to unlock your creativity, identify the obstacles that block you from being able to create meaningful shifts in a dynamic way. We all hold within us the power to change and manifest our vision. Any area of our lives we want to focus on; career, coaching, relationships, our body, finances or our time — the tools and strategies of the Evolution Weekend provides an experience that moves us into positive forward action.

This is a breakthrough opportunity for you to expand your capacity for staying present, being authentic, trusting your intuition and getting centered. Interactive exercises are designed to push you out of your comfort zone and experience what is available when you let go and play a bigger game. Evolution playfully invites you to to get out of your head and into the moment!

Focus and Outcomes: Day 1: Sandbox
  • Learn the Two Basic Truths and 5 Golden Rules of Improvisation and how to use them
  • Enhance your connection to others through curiosity, flexibility and creativity
  • Deepen your ability to be fully present and in the flow of the moment
  • Learn how to enhance creativity and playfulness
  • Practice collaboration with the "Yes, and" technique
  • Be spontaneous - get loose - have fun!
Focus and Outcomes: Day 2: Evolution
  • Identify where you stop being present with others - your emotional triggers, and how to tame them
  • Expand your ability to express yourself authentically
  • Developing your elevator speech: Finding your Who. What is your truth?
  • Learn to identify creative flow, when you are in and out of it, and how it impacts team creativity
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I didn't realize how much fear holds me back from being myself with others.

Relevant EQ Programs, Workshops & Retreats

Program Titles/Topics:
  • ImprovEQ Sandbox
  • Managing and Leading Through Change
  • Psyching Up Your Business: Building teams that work
  • Relight Your Fires: Reaching your goals through connection, communication & team building
  • Preparing the Next Generation
  • Building Synergistic Teams
  • Next Generation: How to successfully integrate family members into your family business
  • Dysfunctional Family, Functional Business: How to survive succession
  • Difficult Discussions: How to have successful discussions about the family business and the business of the family
  • Bridging the Generation Gap: How to navigate multi-generational issues within a family business
  • The Family Council: How to hold successful family meetings
For information regarding planning for your next program or retreat, contact

Selected Presentation & Company Retreat Clients

** Signifies repeat presenter
  • P2P Transformation Center - ImprovEQ retreat
  • NicholeHollis Interior Designs - ImprovEQ retreat
  • San Francisco Digital Narrative Alliance’s Storytelling Summit - ImprovEQ workshop
  • National Automobile Dealers Association – national convention workshops **
  • Exit Coach Radio with Bill Black (podcast)**
  • Mains’l Services, Inc. ** ImprovEQ retreat
  • Carr McClellan Ingersoll Thompson, LLP**
  • McDermott Will & Emery, LLP
  • San Francisco Estate Planning Council
  • East Bay Estate Planning Council
  • Mechanics Bank/First & Third Tuesdays **
  • San Francisco Bar Association – succession panel
  • NCM Automotive 20 Groups **
  • Young President’s Association (YPO)
  • American Institute of CPAs (AICPA)
  • FarmLinc/Alameda County Resource Conservations District **
  • TEC Leadership Institute **
  • HULT University **
  • John Muir Hospital **
  • Electronic Security Association – national convention workshop
  • Purposeful Planning Institute
  • Conscious Millionaire (podcast)
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