Ricci Mann Victorio

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Victorio Consulting is a family business.
Change and the art of being in change has always fascinated us. Beginning in 1978, Ricci and Raymond focused their curiosity within the theatre environment to develop a unique training approach for ensemble-based improvisational performance. They founded Creative Agility, leading Applied Improvisation workshops & retreats for professionals to enhance creativity, intuition and connection with others. Natalie joined the firm in 2009, is Director of Operations and manages our leadership training and assessment programs.

A variety of issues can get bundled up during major transitions, creating stress, destroying morale and stifling progress. By addressing one issue at a time to design agreements, find alignment and develop a strategy for achieving the desired objectives, we create a “safe and courageous space” for business teams to navigate change. We coach teams through difficult topics to help each individual contribute in building the roadmap for the future. We have become recognized innovators in leadership, building team morale and navigating change.
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Ricci Mann Victorio, CSP, CPCC, PCC

Ricci Mann Victorio

Ricci Mann Victorio is our President & Co-Founder. Ricci is an expert in coaching individuals and team on how to embrace and thrive in change. She has been coaching artists and executives for 30 years in identifying individual and team superpowers and in helping them learn how to work together as an Ensemble.

The foundation of Ricci’s down-to-earth approach is based in her previous 25-year career in the Entertainment Industry as a director and innovative acting coach in the art of improvisation. Ricci was on the planning team for the International Succession Planning Association and Co-Developer of the online Succession Planning Assessment (SPA). Previously, Ricci was the Managing Partner and Co-Founder of the Mosaic Family Business Center in San Francisco, and before that, President of the Rawls Family Business Resource Center in Orlando, FL.

President, ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches, 2015 - 2018
Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Coach Training Institute
Certified Succession Planner (CSP), International Succession Planning Assoc.
Professional Dynametric Programs (PDP) Professional, Trainer, Mentor & Licensed Representative
MA & BA Theatre Arts, San Francisco State University
Natalie and Ricci are Certified Mentors and Trainers with Professional Dynametric Programs (PDP). They bring a professional perspective when dealing with the complex psychology of helping people navigate through rapidly changing environments.
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Natalie Victorio Lentz before a PDP Team Certification Training
Sausalito, CA
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