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Victorio Consulting is a family business.
Change and the art of being in change has always fascinated us. Beginning in 1978, Ricci and Raymond focused their curiosity within the theatre environment to develop a unique training approach for ensemble-based improvisational performance. They founded Creative Agility, leading Applied Improvisation workshops & retreats for professionals to enhance creativity, intuition and connection with others. Natalie joined the firm in 2009, is Director of Operations and manages our leadership training and assessment programs.

In 1994, Ricci started to work with organizations and family businesses across the country. Building a successful team is like casting a film – you can have all kinds of talent on the set, but if they don’t connect with each other, or if there is no chemistry igniting a creative spark between your players, your project will fall flat of expectations. We found our approach was extremely effective in helping teams navigate change, find their creative flow and work together more effectively, or as we like to call it, become an ensemble.

A variety of issues can get bundled up during major transitions, creating stress, destroying morale and stifling progress. By addressing one issue at a time to design agreements, find alignment and develop a strategy for achieving the desired objectives, we create a “safe and courageous space” for business teams to navigate change. We coach teams through difficult topics to help each individual contribute in building the roadmap for the future. We have become recognized innovators in leadership, building team morale and navigating change.
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Ricci Mann Victorio, CSP, CPCC, PCC, is our President & Co-Founder. Ricci has been providing coaching, communication enhancement, leadership & teamwork training programs to family businesses and organizations across the country since 1994. Her ability to pinpoint challenges, uncover opportunities and teach management groups how to be better teams has created a significant impact on many businesses creating an outcome of higher productivity in a more synergistic way.

The foundation of Ricci’s down-to-earth approach is based in her previous 25-year career in the Entertainment Industry as a director and innovative acting coach in the art of improvisation. Ms. Victorio is the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Creative Agility. She was on the planning team for the International Succession Planning Association and Co-Developer of the online Succession Planning Assessment (SPA) ®. Previously Ricci was the Managing Partner and Co-Founder of the Mosaic Family Business Center in San Francisco, and President of the Rawls Family Business Resource Center in Orlando, FL.

Ricci has been an active expert & contributor to Exit Coach Radio (podcast), Conscious Millionaire (podcast, Gentry Wealth, Smart Business Magazine, Worth, DEALER Magazine, the New York Times, Wines & Vines, WineAmerica and She is a frequently invited speaker to many conventions and industry associations: Alameda Conservation and Resource District, SF Family Firm Institute, SF & Bay Area Estate Planning Associations, many Advisor Roundtable groups, Automotive "20 Groups", Young Presidents' Organization (YPO), TEC Florida & Southern California, WineAmerica, Electronic Security Association, John Muir Foundation and 2006-2009 National Automobile Dealers’ Association Conventions. Ricci has written an e-book about her adventures with her husband in Italy, Lost and Found ("Perduto e Trovato"). She is passionate about family, sharing good food & wine with friends, painting and going rogue in Italy whenever possible.

President for the ICF Global San Francisco Bay Area Coaches (2015 - present)
Certified Succession Planner (CSP), International Succession Planning Association
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Coach Training Institute
ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation
Professional Dynametric Programs (PDP) Trainer & Mentor
Master’s graduate studies in Theatre Arts/Directing & Improvisational Theatre, San Francisco State University
B.A. in Theatre Arts/Dance, San Francisco State University
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Natalie Victorio, M.S. Applied Psychology, is Partner and Director of Operations and is a Certified Licensed Associate, Mentor and Trainer in Professional Dynametric Programs. She received her M.S. in Applied Psychology from USC and B.A. in Psychology from Sonoma State University. She works with Ricci in organizational development, leadership and successor development training programs. Natalie is a regular contributor on our blog, writing "Getting into the Family Business.” You can also learn more about her and review her professional portfolio on LinkedIn.

M.S. Applied Psychology, Summa Cum Laude, Phi Kappa Phi, University Southern California, 2017
B.A. Psychology, Honors, Sonoma State University, 2009
Professional Dynametric Programs (PDP) Trainer & Mentor
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Raymond Victorio, MSOM and our VP, CFO & Co-Founder. Raymond’s career encompasses a fullness and diversity including; one of the founding members of Creative Agility, Inc. bringing 25 years of experience in improvisation and performance coaching to the Creative Agility programs an out-of-the-box niche in noticing the truth in the moment, combining the alchemy of humorous spontaneity, non-judgmental listening and an understanding of wellness.

His background includes; a successful TCM clinical practice, an Academic Dean for the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, working with colleges nationally as an accreditation consultant and serving as a site-visit Team Chair for the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Nationally, he served as a curriculum SME on ACAOM’s Doctoral Task Force establishing the current national doctoral standard for Oriental Medicine. Raymond served as a curriculum SME on California Acupuncture Board’s Competencies and Outcomes Task Force, developing the current educational standards for Masters of Oriental Medicine Degree in California. He was on the California Little Hoover Commission’s Acupuncture Committee, reviewing California’s educational standards.

American Association of Oriental Medicine (AAOM), served on Board of Directors Executive Committee
Florida State Oriental Medical Association (FSOMA), President Emeritus,
Awarded FSOMA President of the Year 1999
MSOM., Oriental Medicine, National College of Oriental Medicine
BS, Health Studies, National College of Oriental Medicine
BFA, Advertising Design, Academy of Art College
Undergraduate Theatre Studies, San Francisco State University
Improvisational training, privately, San Francisco
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Your Success Story is Our Success Story!

Business Owners and Family Teams:

“As a second generation Auto Dealer with four capable children I was determined to chart a different course for the third generation. Along with counseling from friends involved with family businesses, I stumbled across a firm who was recommended from my NADA 20 group. It was then that I first came in contact with Ricci Victorio some 18 plus years ago. Since then we have instituted “covenants of understanding” for both generations to adhere to. This became the first project we took on long ago with the family. It certainly became evident we were committed to communicating the “rules” of coexisting within the family business. Furthermore it became evident during this time how talented and caring Ricci was by facilitating as well as communicating to all involved. Keep in mind this first phase took place with my children who at the time were in high school and college. The expectations were made clear regarding required qualifications if they were interested in entering the family business and there was no pressure put on them to get involved. Our journey continued with a desire to tighten up our Estate Plan and Ricci was able to provide us with a like-minded professional who spent a year of planning with us. We culminated this exercise with a family meeting and communicated our strategies “transparently” to all 4 children and their spouses. Now, through Victorio Consulting, Ricci is still engaged in coaching my adult children and facilitating family meetings. She is very close to our immediate family and has earned our respect and admiration. Currently we have 3 of our 4 children working and contributing to the family business. They have earned the respect of their peers and are not considered entitled in the least. We have been blessed to have Ricci as our confidant and friend for all these years.” -
Larry Geweke, President at Geweke Automotive Group, Yuba City, CA
“Ricci was, by far, the best at her work!”
S. Scarola, Vice-Chairman, DCH Auto Group, New Jersey
"One of the best meetings we have had in years due to Ricci's agenda and managing the process.  Process was collaborative, supportive and  covered all of the issues while allowing limited sidetracks, which were helpful and contained.  Also Ricci and Natalie had great suggestions, among other wonderful inputs. Looking forward to meetings in the future."
D.R., President, financial capital management company, SF Bay Area
“Ricci is a great asset, we used her in my Toyota dealership 2006-2008. Her techniques and training brought a tough group of real car guys together as a team and we did great things! The end result was 200% market share, triple green CSI, presidents award and huge service growth.” -
Vincent Ferrara, National Account Director, Autoloop and Mercedes Benz North America
"I purchased a large book of business from my father and Ricci helped us with some very tough conversations over the course of 18 months. The transition is ongoing for 15 years and I still use her from time to time on an ad-hoc basis. She has helped me not only with my father but also helping me establish a presence amongst the staff (my father's former staff) and gave me a lot of confidence to succeed. We used two consultants for the transition prior to Ricci (one came recommended by the H.O.) and they were both unsuccessful in their attempts to help us. What I liked about Ricci is she held us accountable and kept us on track and delivered what we asked her to deliver on - help us transition the business and maintain our relationship! She has a lot of experience working with financial advisors and that was one of the components that attracted me to her. Ricci is very good at what she does." -
Adam Spiegelman, Northwestern Mutual
“Thanks to Ricci we have developed a positive attitude, we know better how to resolve conflict, and most of all we have learned to respect one another, our strengths and weaknesses. This has been most difficult. I am optimistic about my family dynamics, and the business.”
B.Taylor, Vineyard & Winery owner, CA
“Ricci is a great communicator, trainer, and facilitator. She can read people well and knows how to get people to work together. She gets results and is also fun to work with. If you need help with setting expectations, strategy, or help in a family business, Ricci would be a good choice.” –
Donald Doudna, Member Board of Advisors at Merit Resources
“I have worked with Ricci Victorio several times over the years in many different areas of our company, from developing our management team, working with our sales department to setting up hiring processes. She always brings a professional and creative approach to problem solving and is a pleasure to work with.” –
Jonathan Boring, Social Media Marketing, Marketing, Email Database Management, social media ROI, Wikipedia Advisor,
“My nonprofit hired Ricci to build our senior team's leadership dynamic, to facilitate our annual Board of Directors retreat, and to provide 1:1 coaching to every staff member. Each of these required different skill sets and great diplomacy - and she delivered in every case, thanks to her great combination of sensitivity, directness, and incredible personal warmth. Everybody likes Ricci, and she has a unique gift for helping everybody feel like their best self. I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again in future!” –
Amanda Byrd, Director of Communications & Membership at Southern California Grantmakers
“If you are facing the dual, and sometimes conflicting, challenges of creating a business legacy while providing fairly for family members, Ricci's advice and counsel is indispensable. The breadth and depth of Ricci's experience allows her to view such a project from multiple angles, leading to consensus building and problem solving, which ultimately gets the project done, and done right. I highly endorse Ricci Victorio and look forward to working with her again.” –
Brian Carideo, Client Services Coordinator at Infield Design
“As a former client of Ricci's, I witnessed her talented, integrative approach in offering grounded, intelligent and creative solutions to issues in our family company that were emotionally intense. She is one of those rare human beings who handles business with both a sharp mind and caring heart.” –
Kimberly Greene, Teaching Artist at Circle in the Square Theatre School
“Ricci Victorio is an excellent leader and visionary. Her skills are varied and she has the ability to work with many different ages from very young to very old. She is a wonderful listener and is able to coach her clients in productive ways providing them with strategic plans and communication techniques that help them become more productive and happy. If I had to sum up her skills in one word, I would say she is an innovator. I truly enjoy working with Ricci.” –
Frances Larose, CEO The Larose Group/PR Magic

San Francisco Bay Area