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Being "right" is no fun if you are all alone

As the owner of a family enterprise, you may be standing at the precipice of compromise – a hair’s breadth away from implementing a succession solution. But what is compromise? In a compromise, there are no winners. None. Every single person feels they are giving up elements of what they feel they deserve. Sometimes one person may get something another one wants, which also breeds jealousy, resentment, and suspicion. No one’s very happy. There is no win/win/win or even a win/lose occurring. This is a lose/lose/lose situation.
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Creative Flow

Imagine a river flowing just above your head. It's lush and ever flowing. This is what I call the Creative Flow - the source of our imagination and creativity. We all experience moments when we are in the Creative Flow, but it can be elusive. When we are sourcing this flow, it is an incredible experience - ideas, energy, imagination, creativity - is in abundance. There is no struggle - we are full of curiosity, and willingness to explore the moment RIGHT NOW without judgement to discover what is on the other side of our ideas.
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Organizational & Company Culture

What is Organizational Culture? It’s how people within an organization actually do their work beyond processes; how they communicate, attitudes, and beliefs. The culture is largely determined by the intentions of leadership and the people they select to be a part of it. Culture is a critical influence on all the other aspects of the company/organization including job satisfaction and engagement. How one fits into their org culture shapes their experience and ultimately their loyalty to the company (i.e how long they decide to stay employed with them despite other factors like money and position).
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Being in Change

At the end of 2015, we were in the middle of total uncertainty and very rapid change. Every obstacle in our way, we faced as a team and agreed, it was okay that we didn't know exactly what we were doing and that mistakes will be made. We decided, let's not judge it until we see what happens - some of the biggest successes result from failure.
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Who needs a Compass? We've got Lifeboats!

Have you ever heard of a Navy Admiral saying to his crew that an impending storm was going to be too intense and unpredictable to develop a strategy for navigating through it successfully? Setting aside a couple of days to strategically think about the next 365 is a small investment that can help you navigate the roughest of seas, have more opportunities for smooth sailing and even provide additional reserves for the occasional surprises.
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The Entitled Son

I was flying home from a client meeting a few weeks ago. My seatmate was a robust grizzly-looking man in his mid-40’s, still dressed in his yellow slicker jacket that had KODIAC across the front. Unlike most, he offered his hand and introduced himself the moment I sat down. What should have been a very interesting conversation turned strange rather quickly…
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