RelevantEQ Improv Workshops

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Relevant EQ Applied Improvisation Workshops

Enhancing team creativity, intuition and connection

Have you ever had an unexpected event undermine your meeting agenda with a client or during a presentation? What is the secret to dealing with an unplanned agenda and remaining calm, cool and collected?

Learn how to use applied improvisational techniques to enhance your ability to interact more spontaneously with others; how to use the “Yes, and” technique to create more positive interaction; and deepen your listening skills. These workshops and retreats are designed to get out of your head and be more flexible in unpredictable situations! 

Ricci and Raymond Victorio draw from their own creative backgrounds in which they spent 30 years entertaining people on stage, behind and in front of the camera, honing their skills as an improvisational comedy duo and merited Improvisational directors & coaches.  As Victorio and Mann Entertainment Productions, they cast and produced a variety of projects ranging from feature films, Equity stage productions and television commercials. They developed and produced Breakthrough Workshops™, putting them in high demand as the performance coaches to go to, who can generate playfulness with integrity from trained actors to business owners.
What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?
The ability to accurately perceive and understand others’ emotions; to understand the signals that emotions send about relationships; and to effectively manage your own emotions. We have all heard about IQ, the Intelligence Quotient, which is a score derived from one of several standardized tests designed to assess an individual’s intelligence. Your EQ abilities must be developed to help us better understand, empathize and negotiate with other people - it’s your ability to read other people’s signals and react appropriately to them. It has been found that your EQ level helps you to understand what motivates yourself and how to work cooperatively with others, which ultimately is more important than a high IQ Score.

How you interact and support others is more important than being the smartest person in the room.
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Qualities of Emotional Intelligence
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Self-Awareness is the first step in effective communication, enhanced emotional intelligence and cohesive teamwork. Understanding your own work & leadership styles provides for a better personal and organizational experience. This requires:
  • Emotional awareness - the ability to recognize your own emotions and their effects on others
  • Self-confidence - in your own self-worth and capabilities
Social Skills
“People skills” have become more important than technical knowledge, and you must have a high level of EQ to better understand, empathize, negotiate and collaborate with others. The most useful skills are:
  • Influence & effective persuasion skills
  • Communication - clear, non-threatening messages
  • Leadership - to inspire & guide teams and people
  • Change catalyst - initiating or managing change
  • Conflict management - understanding, negotiating and resolving disagreements
  • Building relationships - nurturing bonds to build trust
  • Collaboration & cooperation towards shared goals
  • Team capabilities in building synergy
Motivation requires clear goals and a positive attitude. Your mindset can help you to have a positive or negative attitude. With practice, you can learn to be more comfortable in change, reframe your fears in more positive terms, which will help you achieve your goals. Motivation is made up of:
  • Achievement drive - striving to meet a standard of excellence
  • Commitment - to the achievement of established goals
  • Initiative - preparing and looking for opportunities
  • Optimism - pursuing your goals persistently despite challenge and change
The more skillful you are at recognizing how people feel, the more successful you will be in your life and career. As you become more discerning of the signals being given to you by others, the better you will be able to control the signals you send back. Areas an empathetic person will excel are:
  • Service orientation - anticipating & meeting the needs of others
  • Developing others - sensing what others need to progress and grow in their abilities
  • Leveraging diversity - cultivating opportunities through diverse people
  • Political awareness - to read a group’s emotional & power relationships
  • Understanding others - discerning the feelings behind the needs and wants of others
Self Reporting
When emotions intensify it can be difficult to control them. You can practice a number of techniques to help alleviate negative emotions and recast them in a more positive light. Self regulation & reporting involves:
  • Self-Control
  • Trustworthiness, honesty & integrity
  • Taking responsibility for your own actions
  • Adaptability & flexibility
  • Openness to new ideas

Relevant EQ Applied Improvisation Workshops & Retreats

I didn't realize how much fear holds me back from being myself with others!
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I learned there are deeper and more effective ways to listen.
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Everyone had a really good time and you got us all out of our comfort zones!

Building Synergy & Teamwork

Participants learn how to interact more spontaneously with others, how to use the "Yes, and" technique to create more positive interaction; deepen listening skills, trust themselves and others; gain confidence and have fun even during the unexpected.Teams learn how to interact more spontaneously with others; how to relax, cooperate and collaborate within creative & problem solving activities; deepen their listening skills; trust others in the unexpected; gain confidence and have fun together.

Communicating Your Culture & Illustrative Storytelling

Interactive exercises designed to help your team mine personal and company core values, identify the qualities of your "dream client" and build illustrative internal and external stories that share your company's WHY for more powerful engagements. Empower your team to attract clients and team members who are aligned with your values.

Creative Agility for Leaders

Interactive learning and application labs in building resilience; experience staying in the moment & trusting intuition; identifying where you get stuck and learning how to stay in the game when the unexpected happens; letting go what you think is "right" to discover what is actually possible; learning how to build upon the "no" or what looks/sounds like rejection, and turn it into a positive experience for you, your co-workers and ultimately, your clients.

Relevant EQ Creative Agility Coursework Series

Four 1-day quarterly retreats filled with interactive exercises utilizing the workshops listed above, designed to expand your team's capacity for staying present, trusting & acting upon their intuition. Unlock the creativity of your team, create safety & confidence to step outside the box, experience accomplishing objectives as an ensemble, & design agreements to work together in a dynamic, creative and synergistic way.

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