Victorio Consulting - Awakening Leadership Success

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Awakening Leadership Success
We provide leadership and executive coaching combined with a unique training approach in building synergistic teams and change management systems for organizations preparing for or going through rapid change.

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Understanding People

People are the heartbeat of your business. When you have the right tools you can hire the right people, increase morale, and ignite purpose and productivity. Every person in your organization can contribute…
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Leadership Coaching

The Coach’s primary objective is to coach the Client in a co-active and collaborative process to clarify their goals and objectives, develop a roadmap and assist them in the process of achieving the desired outcome.
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Building Great Teams

Building a successful team can be much like casting a film. If there is no chemistry igniting a creative spark between your players, your performance will most likely fall flat of expectations.
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Business Succession

It is easy to get tied up in knots over how to plan for the future - for yourself, your family and the next generation of leaders in your organization.
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Relevant EQ Programs

Applied Improvisation workshops and programs to stretch your boundaries of creativity, intuition and connection with others.
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Family Governance

One of the best venues to discuss the business of the family is in a “family council.” What we’ve learned is that people should separate family gatherings from family business discussions.
Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
The ability to accurately perceive and understand others’ emotions; to understand the signals that emotions send about relationships; and to effectively manage your own emotions.
Teamwork can carry an organization through economic hardships, leadership transitions, and rapid change. Each member brings a unique set of skills, competencies and experiences that can add value, increase engagement through strong relationships, positively impact commitment and productivity.
Self-Awareness is the first step in effective communication, enhanced emotional intelligence and cohesive teamwork. Understanding your own work & leadership styles provides for a better personal and organizational experience.
Every personality has it’s own unique language. Foundational to successful teams is effective communication, where people are able to express themselves and be understood, feel safe to speak plainly and feel heard.
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Our Story
Change and the art of being in change has always fascinated us. Beginning in 1978, Ricci and Raymond focused their curiosity within the theatre environment to develop a unique training approach for ensemble-based improvisational performance. Natalie joined the firm in 2009, is Director of Operations and manages our leadership training and assessment programs.