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Be Great!

Be Great!

Throughout my life, my Dad has always told me to "Be Great!" Before my first day off to a new school, my first piano recital, my first leading role, walking me down the aisle as a bride. I never understood what "great" really meant, how to know when I was being great, or what the measurement of greatness entailed. All it did was confuse and frustrate me.

How do we know when we've achieved greatness? Is greatness the supreme level of being successful, at the top of the heap and above everyone else? "Being Great" seems so subjective! Where does happiness, satisfaction or personal fulfillment come into the picture?

Why are there so many "successful" people who are unhappy, dissatisfied or restless?

I began to realize that striving to "be great," wasn't very satisfying or fulfilling for me. Was I being great to please my father, my family, my colleagues or my clients? It did the opposite of what it was intended to be - it demotivated me to follow the path of what looked like others used to achieve this elusive goal.

What did motivate and excite me was to find a way to be free to explore what I was curious about, to create, make, build, achieve, experience and BE whatever was interesting and meaningful for me. I wanted to work with others who were also brave enough to choose their own paths. And in doing this, I found I could bring meaningful experiences to others in helping them discover their values, their dreams and (most fun of all) their super powers. The most important judge of what it is to live an outstanding, fulfilling and resonating life is YOU! The path may not always be the most reliable, popular or traditional one; it may be bumpier and riskier than others; and well-intentioned advice will be provided to take the safer, more predictable path.

We have this one, crazy, unpredictable and precious life - go ahead, take the leap and do what you love. You'll "Be Great!" I just know it!